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Low calorie Protein Coconut pudding

Low calorie Protein Coconut pudding Everybody likes deserts, but when you’re dieting it’s not always easy to fit in your favorite sweets. Since my sweettooth is humongous and I have quite a big appetite I [...]

Stop labeling food and drinks as good or bad

We humans have a tendency to put things into categories. We like that because it makes it easier to distinguish good from bad. right from wrong, etc. With nutrition we do much the same thing [...]

Blueberry Cinnamon Protein Pancakes

  Everyone likes pancakes. If you don't then you're wrong. Anyway, pancakes can become quite calorific and for the calorie conscious eater this might be a hurdle and stop them from eating this delicious breakfast [...]

Recipe: Lean Hoisin Burger

Lean Hoisin Hamburger: Quite a tasty burger if I say so myself. It was improvised but certainly one that will come back more than once. It’s super easy like most things I cook. Take 135 [...]

Recipe: Carrot Cake

Sooo, I love sweet things. I also love savory things, and salty things and well…food in general. But there is this special place in my heart that craves the sweeter things in life.With this recipe [...]

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