Low calorie Protein Coconut pudding

Everybody likes deserts, but when you’re dieting it’s not always easy to fit in your favorite sweets. Since my sweettooth is humongous and I have quite a big appetite I try to find tasty deserts with a reasonable high volume while keeping calories low. This recipe checks those boxes.


What do you need:

  • 200ml coconutmilk light (I use Bon coco)
  • 300ml coconut ricemilk (I use Alpro)
  • 30 grams vanille protein powder
  • 2 grams of Agar Agar
  • A few splashes of liquid sweetener to taste (I use Natrena)
  • Raspberry jam light (or a different flavour)
  • 5 grams of dessicated coconut


How do you make it:

  • Throw everything except the jam and dessicated coconut in the blender so there are no chunks or protein powder floating around
  • Heat the mixture in a saucepan on a medium heat till it boils
  • The second it boils turn of the heat
  • Let it sit for a bit so the froth goes away and stir a bit
  • Spray in a 18cm silicon mould with baking spray
  • Pour in the mixture and let it cool until you can put it in the fridge
  • 1-3hrs in the fridge or till it sets
  • Get it out and put the jam and dessicated coconut on
  • Eat the whole thing by yourself. Or share, whatevs.

Calories: 373

Protein: 29
Fat: 18,5
Carbohydrates: 22,5