Everyone likes pancakes. If you don’t then you’re wrong. Anyway, pancakes can become quite calorific and for the calorie conscious eater this might be a hurdle and stop them from eating this delicious breakfast food (or not breakfast but any time of the day because pancakes are awesome). With this recipe that hurdle should be outta there. Enjoy your pancakes people!

Put in blender or a bowl (use a stickmixer if you like bowls):

Chickpeas                           75 grams
Flour                                     70 grams
Whole egg                          1
Egg whites                          2
Vanilla protein powder 45 grams
Cinnamon                          10 grams or to taste
Blueberries                        100 grams <- add these in when you batter is done
Baking powder                 5 grams
Cooking spray or oil        (if oil around 5 ml)
Speculaas/Speculoos herbs if you have them are nice to add (5-10 grams)

Taste the batter. If you like the taste then you’ll like the pancakes. Otherwise adjust herbs/sweetness with the cinnamon and/or a liquid sweetener.

Fry them on a medium heat with a baking spray to minimize oil usage. If you don’t have a spray then measure off 5ml in a tiny bowl and use a pastry brush to brush your pan after every pancakes. Or just use more oil if you don’t give a rats ass about the extra cals, that’s fine too.

Be patient before turning them. Relax, don’t turn them to quick. Not too late either. Be on top of your pancakegame. Blablablabla.

Makes around 12-13 small pancakes.
Serves 2, or one hungry person.

Make it pretty with the extra berries (I used blueberries, raspberries and strawberries.)
Make it prettier with (not even) 1 gram of icing sugar sprinkled over
Make it awesome by adding a mix of Waldenfarms pancakes syrup- Maple syrup mix (20ml each)


Approximate macro’s per portion depending on how much fruit, oil and syrup you use:

Calories: 415 Protein: 36gr Fat: 7gr Carbs: 52


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