Lean Hoisin Hamburger:

Quite a tasty burger if I say so myself. It was improvised but certainly one that will come back more than once. It’s super easy like most things I cook.
Take 135 grams of lean beef minced meat, add 10 grams of hoisin sauce- I use the one from the Flying goose brand, add in chili flakes and one cube of Maggie stock cube, a little black pepper and kneed this together.
Heat up a pan and fry up three bacon strips. After they’re nice and crispy put them on a paper towel to dry and crisp up. Now free your hamburger patty in the bacon fat.
Buy a nice looking bun and put some light mayo on there. The one I use is called friteslijn from Remia. I add some salt and black pepper to it for extra flavour. Layer it with assorted greens and tomato, the burger and the bacon and you’re done!

Mine came out at:

Calories: 677 Protein:39 Fat:28 Carbs:66