Sooo, I love sweet things. I also love savory things, and salty things and well…food in general. But there is this special place in my heart that craves the sweeter things in life.With this recipe I made a carrot cake that is both delicious and reasonably low calorie. Something you can enjoy more often then maybe the fuller versions.


What do you need?
For the cake:
– 100gr chickpeas
– 40 grams of grated Carrots
– 40 grams of Raisins
– 5 large Egg whites
– 30 grams vanilla protein powder
– 30 grams oat flour
– 150ml of Ricemilk or almond milk (I used the coconut flavour from Alpro)
– Liquid sweetener to taste
– 5-10 grams of Ginger and Spice / Speculaas spices (or to taste)
– 5 grams of Cinnamon (or to taste)
– 0,5 tsp of baking powder

– A little splash of Vanilla extract

For the frosting:
– 100 grams of 0% fat greek yoghurt (I use Fage or Skyr)
– 100 grams of Cream cheese Light (I use Philadelphia)
– 25-30 grams of Vanilla protein powder (or another flavour if you want)
– A little splash of Vanilla extract
– liquid sweetener to taste

The vanilla soy custard from Alpro works pretty good as well if you’re lazy or lactose/milk based stuff challenged. Like me. Stupid skin, y u do dis 2 me?!

 How do you make it?

– Put the oven on 180 degrees Celcius

– This recipe is ridiculously easy. The most difficult part is the scavenger hunt for all the ingredients that go in the blender. I’ll wait for you…..

– Okay, you have everything in front of you. Put everything from the Cake recipe in the blender. EXCEPT the carrot and raisins. Blend till the batter is silky smooth.

– Taste the batter. Add spices and sweetener to taste.

– Take two 18cm silicon cake molds. Divide equally. Put 20 grams of grated carrot and 20 grams of raisins in each mold and stir it through. Put it in the oven for 20 minutes. Stick a pointy object in it after the alarm goes off. If it comes out clean it’s ready. If not put it back in for a few minutes.

-While you are anxiously waiting for this delicious guilt free goodness to bake into perfection you can start making the frosting. Also ridiculously easy.

– Put everything from the Frosting recipe list in a bowl and stir till it’s smooth.

-Now the most difficult part of all… Letting the cakes cool down before putting the frosting on.

You did it, you’re a trooper. Pat yourself on the back.

– Get the cakes out of the molds in one piece and layer them with the frosting in a fancy looking way. Put some stuff on top of it to make it look pretty.

Voila, enjoy!