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So who’s the face behind the glasses?

Well, that’s me: Nurdin Zain Pattipilohy, born, raised and currently living in Amsterdam. Not really planning on leaving any time soon as I love this city and my gym. That’s the Vondelgym, it’s where I work as a personal trainer, nutritional consultant and part time furniture.

I started paying attention to my health when I tore my ACL, somewhat of a crucial knee ligament, playing football 6 years ago. In that same year I also had to have two chest operations. It was what one could call “a shitty year”. So not my best year all in all, except that it prompted me to explore ways to not become whaleish, because I couldn’t move around much or play any sport except chess- which I didn’t do either. Don’t think it would’ve burned many calories anyway.

But I digress, food being my part time lover and without any significant movement in my near future I started learning about ‘proper’nutrition. In the course of those years I’ve believed many things, been confused a lot and have realised many things that now seem obvious. The health & fitness industry is a very confusing and ambigious place, filled with misinformation, many biases, outright lies and marketing schemes.

My goal is to create a clear path of solid evidence based information. Useful, practical and truthful. Since we’re never done learning you’ll see me adjust according to the information I get or maybe just my understanding of the information already available. You can join me here on my journey to dispel myths, provide insights, tips, tricks and handholds.

You have probably realised that I’m not the most serious people, not most of the time anyway, and have a love for cool technological (medical) innovations, fantasy books, anime, superheroes, food and more food. All of these things will be featured with certain regularity. Tune out if it’s not your cup of tea, or you can enjoy them with me.

If you have any pending questions about the way I work, what sort of information I can provide or what my favorite anime or fantasybook is. You can always contact me here.


“ I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times ”



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